Supporting short-term employment for internally displaced people
Maintenance and Construction Cash Grants Programme, Afghanistan
On the Maintenance and Construction Cash Grants Programme we monitor how the grants are providing short-term employment to households in areas of Afghanistan where many people are displaced by or returning from conflict.

The programme was established by the Government of Afghanistan to mitigate the impact of internally displaced people on rural communities, including the pressure it puts on existing infrastructure. It provides people in poor households with work – especially, but not exclusively, during the lean season from November to March – which helped to alleviate issues of hunger and food insecurity. Much of the work focuses on the refurbishment of public infrastructure and, under certain limited circumstances, the contracting of basic public infrastructure.

The Government of Afghanistan secured funding for the two-year programme from donors including the World Bank, the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, and the Governments of Denmark and Germany. The Programme is implemented through the Citizens Charter National Priority Programme of the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

In 2017, we were appointed by KfW – the German development bank that provided a substantial part of the programme financing – to serve as the independent monitor of their contribution. We work with Greenwich Consulting and Support Services in Afghanistan to provide financial monitoring of the programme, as well as to carry out quantitative beneficiary surveys, infrastructure inspection visits and qualitative research. Following a programme extension, we will be carrying out this work until 2021.