Supporting accessible renewable energy innovation across Africa   
Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility
As manager of the Africa Clean Energy (ACE) Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), we are working across 14 African countries to make it easier for the private sector to invest in renewable energy innovations and make them more accessible to the poor and marginalised. 

Funded by DFID over four years and starting in 2019, we are catalysing a market-based approach to this work, with a focus on high quality stand-alone solar systems. To achieve this, we are focusing on three pillars:

  • To develop better Enabling Environments we’re working with governments to put in place policies and regulations that support market development and improve quality standards in the private sector delivery of stand-alone solar systems.

  • Our Knowledge Management pillar will generate and share knowledge and evidence on the success factors for and benefits of private sector delivery of off-grid solar energy, including the application of learning.

  • We are also managing the Coordination of all of the components of the larger ACE Business Programme to encourage other donors to contribute towards ACE objectives and activities. The larger programme includes the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund funding windows and the IFC’s Lighting Africa programme.